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Found Poetry on Quora

This is why I love Quora. You get two or more people talking in a focused way to derive the best answer to a question. So easy to use and so much of the information is clickable. It is at times empty reading. At times you get poetry. On June 5, an asker asked “After 25+ years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce?“.

An anonymous user wrote:

I think it’s forgetting why you got married in the first place.

It would have been a long time ago, and so much would have changed, and so much work will have gone into the relationship, you’re tired and can’t remember what the hell you are doing with this person.

It’s a shame, because you are probably more suited to this person than anyone else, you just think something else must be better.

Great answer, isn’t it?

I have some questions for Quora. Why offer anonymity? I dont think you should be allowed to be. And how do you find out who asked a question?


How the New York Times manages its many blogs

Fascinating post by Paul Boutin at Venture Beat about how the NYT newsroom manages to put up hundreds of blog posts with photos and such despite an already heavy work load. Love insider-y process about group blogging.

Faberge Eggs on Instructables

I encourage you all—all six of you reading this blog—to get up out of your chairs, get up and go to the window and come on back and sit down again and go to Instructables and vote in the contest there for your favorite DIY Faberge-style Easter egg. We at Forbes put on a contest with the great people at Instructables (Eric Wilhelm and Christy Canida especially) to see who in their community of crafters could make the best eggs in the Faberge style, trad or steampunk or otherwise. The contest ended for new entries yesterday and we got 90+ eggs. More than I expected but no Facebook numbers. The entries open for public voting now. Some of the eggs are unbelievable. Some are faithful to the russian artist's style and some have Darth Vader inside. The idea was to have the contest's start coincide with this summer's Forbes E-gang profile on DIY-tech leaders back in late August. Long story short, I had a hard time getting the project off the ground in time (editors make terrible project managers except when it involves whipping writers along). But the contest went up, went off so far without a hitch and I'd love for everyone to vote their favorite egg into the final judging round. Five finalists will get their egg displayed at the Forbes galleries in NYC in November.

interesting thread

see this here discussion about nokia’s reorg and services intentions.

Last Night’s Daily Show

So YouTube gets sued for $1 billion, since it’s making what Sumner Redstone thinks is a ton of money off Viacom content. Doubtful it’s tons. More like bupkus in the Viacom scheme of things, but I kind of feel bad for the 90-something lawyer who just brought back a loyal pal, also a lawyer, to be his CEO. When lawyers are hurt, they sue. That may soothe frayed nerves, but it’s not very innovative. The market has decided it would rather see fair-use (aka "stolen") clips on GooTube. But if you want to create some positive vibes and at the same time lend Old Media a hand (who doesn’t?), stop going to YouTube to watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They’re going to get better at DMCA take-downs anyway. So let’s all mosey on over to Sumner Redstone’s cool sites. The production values are a lot better, anyway. See here:

Note to Web Gurus, I Want My MTV, Again

Thanks to my friend Michael for taking the time to homebrew a site with lots of links to great music videos on YouTube. AllAboutJazz
has aggregated several jazz-only video links on YouTube, as well. These
are ad-free and of classic jazz and standard performances, not the kind
of thing AOL or Yahoo would make their hot hit of the day. Long tail
stuff. His labors reveal how frustrating the aggregation and search
still is on YouTube and other vid sites, most of which rely on YouTube
anyway. How far off is the Web from being widely sortable across many
of all the new video sites popping up. I just want to sort by genre for