I’m a managing editor at Forbes. you can write me at bruceATupbinDOTcom


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Thought I would notify you that your video with Bill Downe is also being published on banknerd.ca. Hopefully the traffic that will be viewing the video on banknerd.ca will tailor off on to the youtube channel.

    Have any other Canadian banking CEO videos lined up?

    Matt Goulart

  2. That’s great. Thanks. I’ll check it out. Of course, Forbes would love it more if the traffic tailed off to http://www.forbes.com and not youtube.

  3. About your recent article on Jack Andraka–do you know if this type of diagnosis would be applicable to other types of cancers? If the cancer has a bio-detector, like mesothelin for pancreatic cancer, is it possible to apply the same procedure to said cancer with antibodies that latch on to that specific bio-detector?

  4. Hi Bruce, I’m in the payments industry and enjoy reading your blogs. I was trying to access this one: http://www.forbes.com/sites/bruceupbin/2012/03/01/the-credit-card-is-the-new-app-platform/
    but for some strange reason can’t seem to get thru at all. Is there an offline doc that you can send me? Thanks!

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