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Found Poetry on Quora

This is why I love Quora. You get two or more people talking in a focused way to derive the best answer to a question. So easy to use and so much of the information is clickable. It is at times empty reading. At times you get poetry.¬†On June 5, an asker asked “After 25+ years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce?“.

An anonymous user wrote:

I think it’s forgetting why you got married in the first place.

It would have been a long time ago, and so much would have changed, and so much work will have gone into the relationship, you’re tired and can’t remember what the hell you are doing with this person.

It’s a shame, because you are probably more suited to this person than anyone else, you just think something else must be better.

Great answer, isn’t it?

I have some questions for Quora. Why offer anonymity? I dont think you should be allowed to be. And how do you find out who asked a question?