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Not a huge anime fan, but am excited abo

Not a huge anime fan, but am excited about seeing US premiere of Oblivion Island, the epic from Japan’s Production I.G.


a very quotable #FF @HisHoliness @Nietzs

a very quotable #FF @HisHoliness @NietzscheSays @WarrenBuffetquo @confucius140 @stonerthoughts @forbesthoughts

“I’ll Make You A Better Offer, I’ll Honor the F*&king Embargo For The Rest of My Life”

The conversation every journalist secretly wants to have:

Word of the Day

Word of the Day for Thursday, February 25, 2010

gregarious \grih-GAIR-ee-us\, adjective:

1. Tending to form a group with others of the same kind.
2. Seeking and enjoying the company of others.

True locusts, which are actually certain kinds of grasshoppers, are usually solitary and rather sluggish, but when they are crowded they enter a gregarious and highly active migratory phase.
— Gilbert Waldbauer, Millions of Monarchs, Bunches of Beetles