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Forbes 2009 Urban Golf Championship Video

Definitely check out this video we made at Forbes. I tried to get someone to underwrite it and do it with a $50K budget but then the advertising recession got in the way. Monte Burke wrote a hilarious script, cast it with his talented comic buddy Dave Barron. The PGA’s big marketing gun Ric Clarson turned heads on the streets with everyone thinking he was a professional golfer. video maestro Parker Gowan was the DP with Wes Stafford on second camera.  Monte wrangled cameos from Steve Forbes, ESPN’s Hannah Storm, NBC’s Jimmy Roberts, course architect Pete Dye and PGA Tour pro Boo Weekley. We almost got the Donald, Matt Lauer and Mayor Mike Bloomberg but events conspired against us.


Forbes Billionaires List is Out

And the big news is that a lot of the superrich lost a lot of money, too, just like you and me!

Now for a little context on wealth distribution around the world, let's turn to graphic designer Toby Ng, whose created the pretty cool "The World of 100" project to show stark differences in social and economic trends.


Enough already with the Jon Stewart dining out on sloggy CNBC

how many rounds of this media 'sturbation can one take? …maybe one more….

Media Conglomerates Attack, Brooklyn Edition

We all knew that Rupert Murdoch spends waaay too much of his, er, shareholder's, money on the newspaper business (see Dow Jones). Now comes the coup de grace, the announcement of News Corp. buying the Brooklyn Paper, which we in the nabe sometimes snap up for free on the way in and out of Gristede's. They're actually a snappy band of journos, with a kickin' redesigned Web site. The Heights edition always has breathless and highly detailed stories about the lack of progress on the un-parky Brooklyn Bridge Park, which may never happen now with the GEC*

The photo above ran with the caption: Hey, kids, reading is FUN!

*global economic collapse

If anyone wants to rent a lovely 1BR in Bklyn Heights, lemme know…