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Thought of the Day From H.D. Thoreau

I like this site. Thoreau journaled every day during his most productive period in the 1840s. This site has an entry every day from his journal and makes for some zen-like reading in these troubled times.

Here's today's entry:

I doubt if I can convey an idea of the appearance of the woods
yesterday, as you stood in their midst and looked round on their boughs
and twigs laden with snow. It seemed as if there could have been none
left to reach the ground. These countless zigzag white arms crossing
each other at every possible angle completely closed up the view, like
a light drift within three or four rods on every side. The wintriest
prospect imaginable. That snow which sifted down into the wood-path was
much drier and lighter than elsewhere.

Happy Inauguration Day


copyright Patrick Moberg, Brooklyn

Panetta as head of CIA–You Have to Be Joking

This is disturbing and disappointing, even if he's a stand-up guy, which may not be the kind of person you really want in that place. The best we can hope for is no serious screw-ups, like that's ever NOT happened in any given four year period, and he'll balance the CIA budget in total secrecy. Operation Double-Entry Treadstone.