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Mapping Global R&D Flows

Booz & Co. just released this in-depth report on the state of R&D spending by the biggest 1,000 corporate spenders on R&D. Its the fourth year Booz has done this report. Those 1,000 companies spent a total of $492
billion in 2007 on R&D, a 10 percent increase over the prior year,
and, once again, Booz found no statistically significant evidence that
higher levels of spending guarantee better results. Call it faith.

This year they tried something new, studying where the money goes since so many multinationals have  globalized their R&D footprint, and what the effect is of
the globalization of corporate R&D on performance. Check it out. "The results have much to say about the
globalization of business and the innovation engines that support it."

They also produced this very cool graphic. Click on this link to open it: 08405-ex_01b



Great fun site. Come see me and Eli's domino set-up.

Dire Metric of the Day, Part 1

Stanley Works just announced its own de trop layoffs but noted this dire statistic:

The toolmaker said its physical unit volume shipments had never
declined by 7.0% or greater for two consecutive quarter during previous
recessions dating back almost 40 years, but its third-quarter shipments
had declined by 7.0% and the company now expects fourth-quarter volume
to fall 12.0% to 14.0%, underscoring "an exceptionally severe
economically-driven contraction at this time."

Can I just say "Oy" ?

Best Explanation For What Went Wrong

Joe "third way" Stiglitz's has been warning us of the global economic meltdown (especially the U.S. brand of it) for more than a year now in Vanity Fair. You could have taken heed and acted accordingly if it weren't for all those distracting photo spreads of Kate Winslet's arse, Bard Pitt's teeth and Jackie Onassis' everything. Now you can read this awfully well-reasoned explanation by Stiglitz of the underlying causes of said economic crisis. I link to the story  reluctantly as the rag laid off a good friend this week.

Great Cheap Holiday Gift for a Kid

A giant 2009 wall calendar with every date printed underneath a bubble-wrap bubble. Found linked to from the always worthwhile Coudal Partners Fresh Signals feed:20080720_calendar_0036_m

Severe Declines in New Mobile Subs in China

In doing some research for a gig moderating a panel tomorrow for a real estate conference put on by Wharton Business School, came across this bulletin of China economic statistics. By comparing two broad measures, one from AT Kearney consulting firm and one from the World Bank, it looks China's 2009 economic growth forecasts have been reduced by 20%.

"Consulting firm AT Kearney said China's economy will grow 6 per cent
on a yearly basis in 2009. The World Bank said last week that it forecasts a
7.5 per cent growth for China's economy."

But new mobile subscriber growth, a rough proxy for consumer and small-business acitivty, is falling faster into the slowdown, off 62%. Not sure if this is seasonal but even year-over-year it looks pretty bad.

"The number of newly registered mobile phone subscribers has fallen to
3.22 million in October, the Ministry of Industry and
Information Technology said in a statement. In previous months, the
average increase hit 8.5 million subscribers. As of October, there were
627.26 million registered handset users in China."