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Jack Bauer on Sprint phones In Africa

I was trying to enjoy the maudlin narrative of 24: Redemption on Hulu tonight when out pops Jack Bauer's phone with a huge Sprint logo sticker on it. How idiotic a product placement can you get? Come on people.  Does Sprint even have a network in Africa? No. Do phones have stickers like that? No. Then two seconds later comes a phone with a huge Nextel sticker you can read from across the living room. Again, African nation facing civil war and two white guys are doing push-to-talk on US phone carriers. It's a blatant promo and breaks the feeble narrative. The wrong approach entirely to the product placement whoredom.


Thrift: A Must Read


What Can You Buy For Five Dollars?

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The group inside Nokia design team has created The Five Dollar Comparison, an online project to solicit photos from around the world of objects or services that cost the equivalent of $5. I wonder if that's where they think the cost of a phone is going….

very cool project in any case.

Gettysburg Address on Wordle

This is a cool site. It turns copy blocks into art. Can’t go wrong there. It appears too small here but click on it to expand it.

Newsweek’s Threat Meter Is A Delightful Time Suck

On CNBC Today, Talking About Setting Up Apple Cart on American Airlines

I was on Power Lunch today, part of a septagon of heads talking about the key-razy explosion in a la carte fees charged by airlines for extra checked baggage, food, blankets, headphones and even deigning to talk to a human to make a reservation. I could resist making a joke of it all (feeble stab at humor starts around 5;04 into the clip).

The Financial Return on Political Donations

Has anybody written a book or done an deep, well reported look at the returns  people or companies tend to get from making political donations? I'm mostly talking here about campaign contributions, but throw in lobbying expenses, too. Are there rules of thumb (3.5 to 1 , 8 to 1, 60 to 1) ? I'm putting this out there as a raw question, having done no work  on it. But I would like to see how it compares to the stock market or building a factory. Some people give from their heart on issues that have nothing to do with money, like abortion, but everything usually comes down to money.