Monthly Archives: August 2008

Juicing Appears Out In the 2008 MLB season

Witness these home run stats YTD for both National and American Leagues. Good but not great. Look how bunched up they are. No one has put it out of reach, Sosa style. No Usain of batting in HRs. Injured Ryan Howard is there, so's A-Rod, now appearing with his teammate Giambi, the Stache Hero. But none are excelling with one month to go. The statistics here are boring. I don't know much about standard deviations but I bet there is nothing to talk about. But this is a good thing. Boring but good. Good because it's normal. Now we see what natural human ability can do. Maybe 50. Late in the season the lack of it can makes things seem more sluggish and low but at least it's true, unjuiced illegally, so that when it does happen–Babe, Gehrig, Aaron–you know it's something with more meaning.


The Basest Boss On Television

Hands down, at least this week, is John Slattery, playing agency co-owner Roger Sterling on Mad Men. Slattery's affect verges on seriocomic, but he always pulls it back from the full Leslie Neilsen just in time. Walks into every room guns blazing, contradicts people with ridiculous confidence. He's always stealing cigarettes from people's desks, always. Single best line was from "Flight 1" episode. They're in the act of dumping small Mohawk Airlines as a client for the chance of winning American Airlines account. Don, the conscience of the show, hates the idea and asks Roger about what kind of company they're going to be if they dump people to get ahead. With only a second's hesitation, Sterling says, "The kind where everyone has a summer house?"

This Place Looks Awesome

If I were a kid I would want to go here, to Beam Camp.
A free-wheeling collaboration jam for kids in New Hampshire summertime.
Its slogan is Inspiration, Perspiration and S'Mores.