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FiOS in Brooklyn by 2014. Are You F*%@!g Kidding Me?

BB-hungry Brooklynites have been waiting for FiOS since the day Verizon announced it. Now this announcement from Verizon’s policy blog puts the major rollout date at mid-2014. Great. I’ll need a waterproof cable box, please, Mr. Verizon. ‘Cause we’ll be under a foot of water by then.


Global Broadband Prices

I’m sure this data (Download broadband_prices.xls)
on country-by-country broadband prices has already been all over the web, but I just came across it in the wake of the 700 MHz auction. Winners probably won’t roll out service until 2010. High-speed wireless and wireline speeds are still too slow and too expensive in the U.S. Seventeen OECD countries have better deals than we do. I pay about $15/mo per megabit to Verizon for crappy DSL in Brooklyn. At least I dont live in Qatar which charges about $100 for a monthly meg.

How much do you pay?

NYPD on Steroids

The New York Post reported yesterday (and the NYT followed it dutifully today) that NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly has put steroids on the list of substances police should be pee-tested for randomly, after a bunch of cops got snared in an investigation of this drug store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Now hang on a second. Let’s think about this. I can totally understand banning the use of steroids by non-New York City area baseball, hockey and football teams (unfair advantage for the visitors) but, wait a minute, don’t we want our cops to be scary, strong and fast?