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Heading to CTIA Wireless this week, though it doesn’t seem all that momentous a moment. I don’t expect any big device announcements (those were done in Europe, natch). Everything is still in the "too early to tell" stage: open device initiative, Android, Wimax, femtos, LTE, new spectrum auction results. Maybe something will emerge from meetings with T-Mobile, Nokia, Qualcomm, Sprint, Sony Ericsson, Fujitsu, Microsoft and Trolltech. Or maybe there will be some interesting news nuggets from random run-ins with startups and analysts. If I blog or post it’ll be on prolly.


Thank You Barack Obama

Can I just add my two cents? What a beautiful speech, so nuanced and eloquent. And nailed the fact of the racial divide in the country, acknowledging the intolerant and angry views of so many americans without agreeing with them. Not forgiving people for being racist but accepting fact that they are, on both sides of the color line. And the most important thing is that he’s focusing on moving forward, on the prize that will not come in his presidency or even the next. He showed such leadership and puts to shame Hillary’s supporters (Steinem, Deveny) who say Hillary’s dinged because she’s a woman. That’s a load of crap. Hillary is just not that inspiring a leader, and comes with all that Clinton baggage. Who needs more of that? If you saw her response to Obama’s speech, it was deflating and dull.

Fencing Pen Pals

So apparently Richard Branson’s nephew, whose name didn’t exactly come to his mind after 24 hours traveling back from Injah to launch Virgin Mobile Injah, is a highly ranked fencer in the Y10 age group in the UK. I am fully intending to get richard to get me the boy’s name as a pen pal for WSU. This will happen. Good to know.

sandy & alan 7

sandy & alan 7
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What fun we had.