Monthly Archives: February 2008

Crafty: Ambient Umbrella

Ambient Devices has made an umbrella with a handle that pulses with blue light when snow or rain is in the forecast. As if it is saying "use me, sir." Haven’t actually tried one or seen it in person, but on the Web it looks promising. If ridiculously expensive ($125). Anyone out there used one?




Leaning Moderate

John Anderson, first-term W.J. Clinton, Mike Bloomberg. Corzine. Love the moderate life. Not too hot and not too cold and gets things done that most people would agreed should get done. Now the moderate in me is definitely feeling the love for McCain, inspired in part by David Brooks crafty NYT column about Obama’s strategy of going after McCain’s strengths in ethics and fighting special interest groups. The piece reiterated what I and most journalists like about McCain, which is that since his cock-up with Keating in the 1980s he’s went opposite of the industry jerk-off Republican model. Now he gets people we mistrust to hate him. Which can’t be a bad thing, right? Telecom, tobacco and ethanol lobbyists. Monopolists, poisoners and snake-oil salesmen. Over his years in the Senate, McCain’s voted against bills pushed by them all, negating the pull of Obama when talks of the ill influence of corporate America on politics. (And people clap as if those companies didn’t employ half of U.S. adults.)

Slate Rips Jumper, Liman

Holy smokes. Dale Stevens gets nasty in his review of the new film Jumper by Swingers and Go director Doug Liman. He did his best work I think with Bourne Identity. Stevens felt Jumper sucked so bad he felt the need to rebuke Liman personally as an "amoral jerk" with "pitiable aspirations" toward a materialistic good life. Ouch. And here we thought it was Valentine’s Day.

Hilary’s Misinformation Campaign

What if, and this is purely speculation and a fairly bit cynical at that, Hilary Clinton’s recent operational hiccups are fiction, designed to lure Obama into a false sense of security? What if the emergency loan of $5 million was a sham emergency? What if the sacking of Patty Solis DOyle was done with a wink and nudge? Would you put it past them? Arent’t the Clintons masters at this art of controlled chaos and maybe this is part of the drill? Sorry, a lot of rhetorical questions there. I may be nuts here, but I don’t think this kind of conspiracy thinking is as extreme as the Israel-caused-Sept.-11 caucus.

And how about Kanye West’s eyeglasses last night on the Grammys telecast. White grills where lens usually are. They made him look like a cross between a Chrysler 300 head-end and a microwave-toaster oven. But they were cool.

Bush State of Union tag cloud

This is nice touch on, showing words Bush used in his last state of the union sized in proportion to the number of times he said it. I found it while judging for the MPA webzine of the year award. Bush used terror more than 25 times and succeed only 3 times. Pity he couldnt be a tad more inspirational.