Monthly Archives: January 2008

Crafty: Language Clock

Saw this digital clock at CES in Las Vegas. Made by Art Lebedev’s studio in Moscow. He also makes a keyboard ($1,500) with a tiny OLED screen inside each key, ultimately customizable, can even play video across the space bar if you want. Think of the productivity savings. No more having to think, little hand minutes big hand hours. Or fussing around with numbers. This may be the first clock in the world that tells the time the way people read or speak. Program it to say forty-five minutes past four p.m. in Gaelic, if you want. Or use it to learn how to tell time in Latin. About $180.



Crafty: Bird Calls Made Beautiful

Saw these hand-made bird calls at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. Made by an old man in the woods in France who takes months to craft each design. They sound ridiculously accurate. Mfr is Quelle Est Belle, imported to the U.S. by

Here is the starling

HousesparrowHere is the house sparrow