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J! Archive Error Fixed

Thanks to you, tireless and unsung archivists at the J! Archive, the greatest free resource for aspiring Jeopardy! contestants.

Here is the link to the new archive of the show, reflecting the accurate amount I had going into FJ!. Otherwise I never would have bet $9,301 to cover Cora. Believe me, I quadruple-checked the math on that wager. The Jeopardy! contestant wranglers give you a pen and scratch paper and plenty of time during that commercial break to do the math, the algorithms of which can get pretty hairy. see wagering suggestions on J! Archive.


Jeopardy Appearance

Did you see it? Dec. 26. I still haven’t! Somebody send me a tape. So many friends and family members expressed their thrills watching me on jeopardy. Thank you for your support. And so many were sympathetic with my loss. Thank  you. Believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. The fact that I will never get another chance is what really burns. And I think there is an error in either my memory or on of what my score was going into final jeopardy. The archive says I had $20,100 but I thought I had $18,800. That screwed up the site’s recording of the betting because according to the site I could have won with a zero bet on the triple stumper. Cora had $13,700 and bet all of it, Patricia had $13,000 and bet an inexplicable $7301). I remembered having ruled out that possibility and went for the cover bet against Cora anyway.

A beautiful thing for the holidays

So fricking beautiful it’s silly. Recent acquisition by M0Ma. Andreas Gursky (b. 1955)  of a new racetrack impetuously carved out of the Arabian desert by an oil-rich patron in Bahrain.


Now There’s No Excuse For Writer’s Block

Headline reads Half of Japan’s To 10 Best-Sellers written on mobile phones.

Writing a book on a mobile phone is news indeed. And, apart from a tired thumb, suggests tight thoughts and epigrammatic scenes, if you subscribe to the notion that the medium influences the material. And when the mood strikes you there it is, you pick it up and start writing. good news for blocked poets. My block, being now an epic 15-year hiatus, is shamed by Japan’s best-selling novelists’ ability to upload chunks of novels written on cell phones directly to readers. but I’d definitely like to read one of these books in translation.

Quote Of The Day

On Modesty, or On How Not To Get Too Big For Your Britches When You Think You’ve Got Life Knocked, from Chicago Mercantile Exchange executive chairman Terry Duffy: "There’s a paddle big enough for everybody’s ass."

How To Tell A Story

Has anyone seen this? (Better yet, is anyone reading this?)

It’s a photo storytelling project called the Whale Hunt by  photographer Jonathan Harris. He took pictures of his entire trip whale hunting with a family of Eskimos in Barrow, AK. He snapped every five minutes, even when sleeping, and took more pictures as the action heated up. It’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen all week.