Monthly Archives: August 2007


Returned the Iphone to the Apple Store Soho in NYC, paid the restocking fee. They even took back the red rubbery skin thing I bought to protect the coolest gadget I no longer wanted. AT&T closed out my account no problem, after a couple of hassley phone calls. Very smooth dismount. What a load off.


Iphone: The Coolest Gadget I Don’t Want

I finally caved and got an Iphone. It’s fun for a few days but then all the flaws emerge. This thing is truly crippled and draconian. Of course there’s the gulp knowing you have to pay for 2 years just to turn this thing on. You have to buy a new set of earphones or an adapter because the audio jack is so far inset. You can’t sideload songs and photos using Bluetooth, or use the Bluetooth for anything but a headset. The storage limit is going to keep me from giving up my video ipod. The touchscreen keyboard means I have to look at the screen when I type an SMS, which I’m used to doing without looking. I totally agree with a comment I heard last week: "It’s the coolest gadget I don’t want."

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