Monthly Archives: May 2007

I Remember Zoellick

ImagesBrush with greatness: I sat next to this guy on a DC-La Guardia shuttle in October ’05. I didn’t notice anything was out of the ordinary at first but shortly before take-off I stole a glance at my seat mate and saw the tell-tale monogram shirt cuff (RBZ) and then the bristly mustache and then the upflared eyebrows. I put two and two together. Here was my trade rep and nothing, not even my persistent cough, could distract him out of his Goldman Sachsian eyelock on the dossier spread across his tray table. It was probably a new tariff structure for imported Guatemalan flip-flops. Now he’s running the World Bank. Everyone should sit next to me.


Saving the World, One Lightbulb at a Time

The death of the incandescent light bulb can’t come soon enough. Recouping the energy wasted by bulbs (who needs all that heat!) represents a great opportunity for green tech. Met with John Davenport yesterday, a gentle soul and engineer at heart who used to be chief technologist at GE LIghting and has dozens of patents to his name for LED systems and car headlamps and fiber-optic lighting, including this one and this one. Several years ago he had this idea to illuminate flexible plastic tubing (like fiber optic cable but not from glass) and recreate the track-lighting or recessed lighting "look", at 80% of the operating cost. No heat. No UV. GE didnt want to do it so he took the idea to this little company that focused on pool lighting and the EFO fiber lighting system is now its main product, so far growing hugely. He claims his EFO Fiber lighting is already more efficient, measured by lumens per watt, than fluorescent tubes. Its in Whole Foods, on naval ships and coming to a store near you. keep an eye on this company. John is now much happier running Energy Focus than being stuck inside GE.