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That’s What I’m Talking About

The boy has the heart of a champion. Takes his first foil competition, at home strip, the Brooklyn Fencing Center. Little guy makes for a small target. Quick reflexes and a newfound patience. Onward and upward.


Kosher Coke’s Yellow Cap

It’s that time of year again. I’m talking about Pesach, the feast commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. God performed miracles to help Moses free the Jews from Eqypt, and the Jews were in such a rush to take advantage of the air cover that they couldn’t wait for their bread to sit in moisture and rise. In sympathy Jews thousands of years later still restrict themselves from eating chametz, a bevy of forbidden grains, one of which is corn. For soda buffs and pop historians, this is a good thing. B/c Coca Cola this time of year ships its Kosher for Passover Coke, or KFP Coke according to the trade and blogistanis. It uses refined cane sugar as a sweetener, not high fructose corn syrup. The result is less cloying, more nuanced Coke. The big question is, who decided that KFP Coke’s bottle cap should be yellow? The yellow is easier to see so you know which is KFP and which is not. But is the use of yellow
a little, I dunno, anti-Semitic ?

Great Toy For Kids


I love Kevin Kelly’s blog CoolTools. Always useful objects and fun toys for the kids, whose Xbox cravings must be stopped. So I’m going to check out this puzzle game called Cuboro. It’s not cheap but it looks like it’s built to last. And it reminds me of a very fun casual PC game called WhizzBall that can get very hard very quickly if you choose not to use the hint feature.

Last Night’s Daily Show

So YouTube gets sued for $1 billion, since it’s making what Sumner Redstone thinks is a ton of money off Viacom content. Doubtful it’s tons. More like bupkus in the Viacom scheme of things, but I kind of feel bad for the 90-something lawyer who just brought back a loyal pal, also a lawyer, to be his CEO. When lawyers are hurt, they sue. That may soothe frayed nerves, but it’s not very innovative. The market has decided it would rather see fair-use (aka "stolen") clips on GooTube. But if you want to create some positive vibes and at the same time lend Old Media a hand (who doesn’t?), stop going to YouTube to watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They’re going to get better at DMCA take-downs anyway. So let’s all mosey on over to Sumner Redstone’s cool sites. The production values are a lot better, anyway. See here:

Swap Music With Me

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Millions have discovered LaLa. Here’s my have list. See something you like? I’ll trade it for something I want. Lala lets you swap used CDs for a buck over the Internet. Kinda like Netflix meets Buffalo Exchange. It’s been a great way for me to learn about new music, and the create-and-publish your own radio station feature is pretty cool.

West Bay, Doha, Qatar


You tell me if the Qatari economy is not overheating. There are at least 35 cranes on the horizon. Skyscrapers 25 stories and more rise up seemingly overnight with
cheap labor from South and Southeast Asia. Nothing goes up between these buildings, no urban infill so it looks from the sky like a bald scalp with bad hair transplants.

How Is Tom Carroll Doing?

Last I heard of this fraternity brother of mine was in 2002, when he was being sent to jail for a long, long time. Then I heard he had his sentence reduced. Now I have to call him. Tom might be out and want to tell his story. The accusations that put him in jail are pretty bad. Federal attorneys portrayed a frequently amoral malefactor within the State Dept, finally set down in Guyana where the rule of law can be a little flexible. Conspiracy, fraud and bribery ensue. But perhaps Tom was sent away longer than he deserved to be? What it was: A bribery, fraud and conspiracy trial concluding in the fall of 2001 that convicts a man of on several counts of conspiring to sell and selling U.S. entry visas to hundreds of thinly documented aliens, now loose on the fruited plain. Prosecutors textured their case with claims that Tom ran an intimidation campaign on the side, coded his ledgers in Chinese and shipped gold bars back to his mother in suburban Chicago town of Palos Hills. Visa fraud can get you as much as 15 years. Bribery conspiracy maxes out at 5 years. The lady judge rounded it up to a nice even 22. The towers were down but still smoldering. The country needed a scapegoat, didnt it?